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If there is anything I am grateful for is technology. Of course, for many other reasons, but I appreciate the effort employed to help those of us on a weight loss or fitness journey. Today, different apps help facilitate health maintenance and wellness.

Workout and weight loss apps have really come through for me and have helped me stay on track. So, if you are looking for a weight loss regimen with lifelong results and one that does most of the work, then this article is for you.

One of the apps I use is Noom, and I will be analyzing more details about it.

About Noom Diet

The Noom diet is a personified weight loss plan based on psychology that is meant to help you get fit and become healthier. It is available as a mobile phone app with the same name.

The founders behind the Noom app development claim that their goal is to help you if you are looking to reach personal weight loss goals for long-lasting results.

Noom ranks foods according to their calorie content using a traffic light system- red, green, and yellow, which we will look at more keenly later. Ideally, you should consume a diet with primarily green foods, limited red foods, and some yellow foods.

The idea about the Noom classification is that you can consume more foods with fewer calories in every ounce than the same quantity of high-calorie foods.

Foods with lower calorie density have more fiber and water, making you feel fuller for longer. As a result, you will not overindulge.

Noom diet categories are more of guidelines you should follow and not rules.

So even if you go beyond your red food allotment in a day and keep the recommended calorie range or even go beyond your daily total calorie intake, the only repercussions are seeing your bar chart go beyond your target ceiling.

How to Get Started- Noom App

To start using Noom, you have to download the app and set up an account after launching. Before you can use Noom entirely, you will have to answer several questions for your data to be collected and the algorithm to design a plan suited to your needs.

The questions focus on your demographics, habits and behaviors, and activity and nutrition. I highly recommend that you enter all the data correctly without guesswork.

Demographics require information about your fitness and health goals, gender, sex, weight, height, and age. Habits and behaviors focus on whether you have had any life events that made your weight goals more challenging and if you tried other weight loss regimens.

For activity and nutrition, you give information about how you wish to focus on training, food, and if you have previously used cognitive behavioral therapy.

Once you have answered the questions and you have logged in, you are paired with an appropriate health coach who provides relevant dietary advice and information to help you reach your weight loss goals.

At this point, you can search for any consumed food, select a serving size, and the app handles everything else.

Benefits of Noom Diet

I have found the consumption of fewer calories to be beneficial in my weight loss journey.

Noom estimates my daily calorie needs by giving me a calorie budget, which would otherwise be something I struggle with. But it is even better that I can adjust this calorie budget manually or select a weight loss speed to decrease or increase my daily calorie apportionment.

I have taken a look at many dieting programs, and many restrict particular food consumption. However, Noom allows me to fit any food into my diet, provided I consume them controllably.

What’s more, I find the additional information and education about goal setting, stress management, and establishing a healthy habit very helpful.

If you want to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle, you need to do more than watch what you eat. You need to develop new healthy behaviors as you break any unhealthy patterns that may affect or hinder your journey.

Without this discipline to make behavioral changes, you are more likely to regain weight, and sometimes it may be more than you initially lost. Noom recognizes that it is challenging to attain all this, and they equip you with the education and tools necessary for behavioral change.

The fact that you can also be guided on your journey by a coaching team is also an added advantage to help you stay in line with what’s best for you.

If you take on Noom, you can track your progress as you follow along with an exercise regimen or log your meals. In addition, if you have high blood pressure or sugar levels, you can still monitor your levels through Noom’s biometric tracking.

You can also adjust your goals while on a Noom diet for them to suit your preferences and needs.

Foods that you can Eat and Avoid

If you are on Noom, you are encouraged to focus on natural weight-loss foods. These foods give you energy and leave you feeling satiated with a very low-calorie intake.

As mentioned earlier, foods on Noom are categorized as red, green, or yellow, which is usually dependent on their calorie content or nutrient density.

The idea behind the Noom diet is that people should eat green foods to compensate for their diets’ bulk and eat small portions of red foods.

Green foods mean foods with the lowest calorie density and highest nutrient content, while red foods refer to foods with the highest calorie density and the least nutrient content.

Yellow foods fall in the middle- they either have fewer healthy nutrients or more calories, but you can still incorporate them into your diet. Suitable yellow foods include seafood, low-fat dairy, legumes, and beverages like beer and diet soda.

Red foods include desserts and sweets, snacks, nuts, nut butter, beverages like orange juice and wine, condiments like mayonnaise, white grains, and meats (red and processed).

Suitable green foods include vegetables, fruits, dairy alternatives, unsweetened beverages, whole grains, and protein-rich foods. Good condiments under this category include ketchup, marinara, and light mayo.

As you eat a Noom diet, you must ensure that it provides you with various macronutrients (carbohydrates and proteins), limited unsaturated fat, and a range of micronutrients (minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants).

We are also advised to eat superfoods, which means nutritionally dense foods like quinoa, flaxseeds, sweet potatoes, chia seeds, and blueberries.

Noom Diet Review- Is it Worth It?

A Noom diet is worth it due to its many benefits and, more specifically, weight loss.

I also feel like the Noom diet is well-balanced without the need to eliminate particular foods. Instead, it is all about control and being mindful about what you eat as determined by your calorie allocation guide.

Noom is an all-rounded wellness regimen with a diet plan, a health coach, and a motivational approach. Which I think is what most people are looking for.

While a Noom diet is excellent with feasible tools for reaching health goals, I feel like tracking calories and food intake can promote issues of food anxiety and disordered eating (you always want to eat right).

I also feel like the food categorization can lead to too much calorie restriction in a way- some high-calorie foods can conversely be beneficial for you to maintain weight.

At some point, I also felt like Noom’s categorization gave me the impression that food calorie content is what primarily matters when working on a balanced diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Free Version of Noom?

Yes. You can get the Noom app and its features freely. You can also get a free fourteen-day trial. However, even with these provisions, Noom comes with many services that are not free. I would say that Noom is free and still not free, depending on the value you seek.

Is Noom Worth Paying for?

It depends on your goals. Noom is excellent with practical methods that encourage us to eat low-calorie diets, monitor our progress, and consume nutrition-dense foods. However, the emphasis is mainly on increasing weight loss.

If you are focused on improving your overall health, you may want to try something else.

Is Noom Easy to Cancel?

Yes. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Even if you sign in using the website, you can still cancel using the app or the Noom account portal. Assuming you cancel before your billing cycle ends, you will still be able to access all the subscription features.

Final Thoughts

I hope I have provided you with adequate information that will help you decide if a Noom diet is a viable option for you or not. Even if you have your doubts, you can always give it a trial. Noom is not a perfect plan. All in all, I would say it is a cheap option for weight loss. If you have serious health conditions, I recommend first seeking a dietician’s advice for weight loss.

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